Recovery is Possible: Lights of Hope 2016

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When Barbara Theodosiou discovered two of her four children had fallen prey to drug addiction, she knew she had to do something: She had to announce, to the world—very bravely—that she was an addict's mom. Theodosiou was not going to hide in shame. She was going to help mothers like her cope with consequences of having children addicted to drugs.

Theodosiou launched The Addict's Mom (TAM), a support group for mothers who have children addicted to drugs. In addition to a free membership site offering low-cost resources, TAM offers a Facebook community over 75,000 strong that provides a space where mothers share hopes, fears and grief without shame.

On September 10, TAM unveiled its nationwide Lights of Hope, 2016—a campaign honoring and supporting those whose lives have been devastated by addiction, and remembering those whose lives have been lost. Lights of Hope is an invitation to step out of the shadows of shame and stigma and raise voices as one by lighting three candles: one for those in active addition; one to celebrate addicts in recovery; one to speak for those who have passed away.

Join TAM in the Lights of Hope 2016 campaign on September 17, 2016, at 6 p.m., at Pine Rest Postma Center, 300 68th Street SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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