Begin the Year With a Clean Slate

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Learn about the health benefits of detox.

Keystone Pharmacy will host a free detox seminar on January 6 at 5:30 p.m. Brandi Grimmer, CPht, CNC, will lead the event.

Grimmer says that a periodic detox can support the liver, which filters toxins from our bodies. The detox period gives the liver a bit of a break, because the food that is consumed during the detox period is not full of additives that strain the liver.

"Anything the liver cannot get rid of is stored in our fat," Grimmer said. "Detox is a good way to introduce people to healthier eating, and can help you identify any foods you're sensitive to."

Call 616.558.8334, or click here to register.


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