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Women respond enthusiastically to products and services that are tailored to them. They also love to share the news of a specific woman-geared product with their friends. Why? Women today are empowered by connecting with other like-minded women, and marketers today are trying everything to connect with women and influence their buying habits.

Here are a few statistics you may find interesting:

    •    Women comprise of 51.4 percent of the U.S. population.
    •    Women make 85 percent of all brand purchases.
    •    Women are more profitable customers than men because they are loyal to products.
    •    Women account for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending.
    •    In 31 percent of marriages where women work, women out-earn their husbands.
    •    One out of every eleven American women owns a business.
    •    More women than men are getting a post-graduate degree.

So, is your marketing campaign catering to the needs of women? Ninety-one percent of women feel advertisers don’t speak to them. So, what can you do? Here are a couple quick tips.

First, make sure that women view whatever you are doing and you take their input. Oftentimes, those that are creating the ad campaigns are men and they don’t resonate with a female end user.

Second, create separate messaging with one being geared toward the male user and one for the female user and use it accordingly.

And finally, you must connect with women before you try and sell to them. So, don’t shove it in their face. Show the value you can bring to women first.
The total buying power women have is tremendous, so be sure to include this conversation at your next marketing meeting.

Written by: Kasie Smith is West Michigan Woman magazine's publisher. She is a Michigan native. She was born in Traverse City, and now lives in Grand Rapids. She enjoys golfing, spending time in the sun, and watching romantic comedies with her very own leading men, her husband Jason and her twin boys. Sources: TrenSight Group, Girlpowermarketing.com, She-conomy.com, and Shepreneur Magazine. Photo: Marinela Prodan

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