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Management Business Solutions has announced the formation of its newest division: CROSSROADS.

As a staffing and recruiting agency with nearly 15 years in business, MBS is extending its service portfolio for candidates and clients alike. CROSSROADS will offer two service tracks:

  1. Assisting candidates with career guidance.
  2. Helping businesses support their personnel through virtual and in-person workshops and seminars.

"Through the addition of CROSSROADS services, we will help candidates take the next steps in their career—while helping them address internal and external barriers to employment and/or advancement," said Amy Marshall, co-owner and co-founder, CROSSROADS.

In addition to candidate services, CROSSROADS offers clients an array of workshops and seminars on frequently requested topics such as succession planning strategies, how to create an internship program, rethinking hiring strategies, filling the talent pipeline, and more.

MBS notes these solutions have been helpful to their clients, specifically with long-term employee retention and growth strategies. True to its core business practices, MBS has provided customized solutions for its nonprofit, small business and corporate clients—with CROSSROADS doing the same.

"We are excited to help our business clients in a different way other than providing top new talent," said Floriza Genautis, CEO and co-founder of CROSSROADS. "These workshops, webinars, and seminars will help their personnel develop their own growth strategies or help not-for-profits plan and better manage their professional development.

"With a cost-effective a la carte approach, everyone can get what they want at an affordable hourly or per-person rate. Sometimes, you don't need all of the bells and whistles—you just need direct answers!"

CROSSROADS also offers a broad array of packaged services. To start the process, CROSSROADS sends you the CROSSROADS Needs Assessment tool and follows up with a 15-minute complimentary call to discuss how they can best serve you.

To learn more about CROSSROADS, visit Management Business Solutions.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of CROSSROADS.


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