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Even if no one else is taking the first step, you can be a leader among colleagues and prove to the business world that your skills are valuable and necessary for company growth. Take your work to the next level with innovative tactics that set you, and your company apart. Try these ways of ramping up innovation in your every day work life.

Have a wide scope. Coming up with fresh ideas to increase business or productivity employs out-of-the-box thinking. Do something you've never tried before, take a risk, and aim to improve your exposure to consumers. 

Think like a customer. Imagine yourself in the customer's shoes. What would you want or expect from the company for which you work? How can you go above and beyond these expectations to anticipate the needs of current or potential clients?

Branch out and latch on. Networking with other businesses in your industry can help you to develop a business model that will fit the needs of your community as well as stay one step ahead of the curve. Communicate often with your clients as well, and take feedback into consideration. Ask for advice, and turn it into action.  Be true to yourself and your customers. In everything you do, everything you sell, and every transaction you make, be sure that you are reflecting the values of your company and yourself. Half-hearted attempts reflect poorly on customer service. Customers react positively to a genuine concern for their needs, and they will recognize when a company is passionate about what it does

Carry forth with efficiency. Most women agree that time is priceless, so don't waste yours. Establish processes and policies that cut down on ineffectual uses of time. Keeping everything from your schedule to your desk space organized frees up time and reduces stress.

Try implementing one or all of these tips into your work week, and let us know how it goes! 

Source: Caspar van Rijnbach, Innovation Management Photo: Celal Teber

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