Michigan Women's Foundation: Volunteer Network

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Are you interested in putting your talents and experience to use for good? Whether you have an hour a month or a day a week, someone could benefit from your expertise!

Since its inception nearly three decades ago, Michigan Women's Foundation has been a grass roots public foundation—created and sustained by those who share its belief in the importance of leveling the playing field for Michigan's women and girls. Michigan Women's Foundation's new Volunteer Network is designed to match its extraordinary supporters' skills and networks with the needs of the women entrepreneurs and young women leaders the foundation serves.

Most everyone has heard of the Old Boys Network. The MWF Volunteer Network is designed to become somewhat of a New Girls Network—a place that makes it easy for you to connect with those who could help you and those whom you could help!

Volunteer opportunities will take many forms and align with your life challenges. Career, family, and community work may leave little time for adding responsibilities, but what if a local woman needs to learn how to set up QuickBooks for her new business? What if she needs an understanding of how to market her products or services, or how to use social media or deal with the media? If you're an entrepreneur, a marketer, an accountant, or a communications executive, a few hours of your time could make a critical difference in her success.

If you could spare those hours, please let Michigan Women's Foundation know.

To confirm your interest in this program, please contact Kris Ridings, Michigan Women's Foundation Assistant Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives, at [email protected].

Michigan Women's Foundation

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