Top Tips for Holistic Happiness

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Did you know your level of happiness is entirely up to you? When I discovered that my happiness is my personal choice, I began researching ways I could continue to boost my own joy.

I am not generally an unhappy person, but I love the idea that, ultimately, I am in charge of how happy I am in any given moment. I don't have to sit back and wait for contentment to find me. I especially don't need to wait on another to provide it for me. There is something exciting about the idea that you can engineer your own happiness.

It seems to be very common nowadays to be treated for anxiety, depression or even both. It wasn't long ago that a diagnosis of that nature remained private. It was thought of as taboo to be medicated, or to be seeing a therapist to help control feelings of negativity or emptiness. Once I noticed the trend of how often I came across those that were unhappy, I began to study ways in which one could naturally feel happier.

One of the things that makes it harder for people to rid themselves of unhappy feelings is not being cognizant to the number of negative thoughts lingering in their mind. Additionally, people need to look beyond just the mind and consider the person as a whole. There is a close tie that exists between the mind and the body.

The very essence of living life in a more holistic manner means taking into account the entire person. We must include mental, emotional and social factors when treating someone's physical symptoms. Dealing with feelings of unhappiness without considering the person's entire being seems shortsighted.

Take, for example, if you were caring for a small child and noticed they were upset. The first thought is never that something is wrong with that child mentally. We first check to see if that child is hungry, tired or hurt in some other way. If that isn't the case, then maybe we would try a distraction technique, such as a toy, game or song. While it seems superficially juvenile, the same time of methodology can be applied to adult happiness.

The next time you are feeling stinging negative emotions, refuse to wallow in them. Feeling tired, hormonal, hungry, thirsty or lonely? If so, deal with those things first.

The next time you get into a negative, pessimistic thought pattern, make a conscious choice to change it. Stop being a victim, letting life take you on a downward spiral. Get behind the wheel; heighten your awareness to what is going on inside your head and with your body. Drive your mind to a happy place. If you want to feel happier, engineer yourself to a happier place. Try these happy ideas on for size:

Try these happy ideas on for size:

1. Play your favorite song loudly, and dance like nobody is watching you. There aren't many things that will raise your vibrational frequencies like listening to music and dancing. You will notice an immediate mood shift, as long as the music is uplifting.

2. Call up a good friend who makes you laugh. You know you have answered that phone, even when you knew a "Debbie Downer" was calling. Stop doing that. If it is going to be a toxic tell-all, then run. Spend time talking to people who make you feel good.

3. Read an inspiring, positive piece of literature. Many thought leaders are writing great work to encourage self-development and self-love. You can't go wrong spending time reading and meditating on books that are focused on optimism and well-being.

4. Get all dolled up, go out, and meet a friend at your favorite restaurant. You will not feel any pep in your step when you look like a mess. Even if you are just staying home, you don't want to scare yourself when you pass by a mirror. If you don't feel good in what you are wearing, take it off.

5. Treat yourself to something that lights you up inside. Do you like massages, candle-lit bubble baths, or a concert at the symphony? Then go out and do it.

6. Sing, even if your voice isn't the greatest. Sing at the top of your lungs!

7. Tell yourself out loud how much you love, accept and approve of yourself, every time you see your reflection. If you don't allow other people to insult you, stop insulting yourself.

8. Detox from negative people and situations. Find optimistic, positive people to surround yourself with.

9. Drink great wine by the fireplace.

10. Focus on being thankful for every blessing in your life.


 Donaylle Nicole is a small-town girl with a creative mind and vivid imagination. Growing up as a female minority in a rural community has given Donaylle a unique perspective on life. She currently lives in Greenville, Michigan, with her husband and three children. She has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years. Health and wellness have been her life's passion. Finally, that passion has been captured on the printed page with her first book, Does Your Face Shine Like the Sun?

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