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The field of direct sales or direct marketing has taken off like wildfire. We all want our friends to be successful, to thrive in their chosen careers and to financially support their families. But when those careers come knocking on our virtual doorstep, a once positive, supportive relationship could change—and that doesn't have to be the case. Many sales consultants generate abundant sales without ruffling any social media feathers.

When a sales consultant first enters the field, his or her friends become prime sales prospects. Facebook posts become formulaic: Promote your product. Talk about your family. Discuss your personal interests.

These topics are innocuous, yet the frequency with which they're posted may become too much for some "friends." Happily, many direct sales associates have found ways to maintain important friendships, while simultaneously growing their businesses.


  • Draw a line between work and play. "I use a separate Facebook page dedicated to only my products."
  • Discuss the positive impact of your new career. "My new career has brought me out of my comfort zone and out of my shell!"
  • Focus on the products. "As a user of the products, I think of specific items in the product line that are important to me and communicate their benefits and results via social media."
  • March—or sell—to the beat of your own drum. "I do my own thing regarding my direct marketing sales approach."

One sales consultant even created a "Do's and Don't of Direct Marketing" list. Here are her tips.

DO: Share how the product has changed your life.
DON'T: Tell people that they "need" the product.

DO: Extend an open invitation to preview the product.
DON'T: Add people to groups without their consent.

DO: Talk about overcoming obstacles.
DON'T: Don't talk about the "haters" or the "hater-ade" messages you may receive.

DO: Share how the proceeds from your direct marketing business help you pay off student loans, bridge the gap between paychecks and cover afterschool activities.
DON'T: Boast about your earnings or the frivolous, over-the-top purchases you now make.

DO: Find a sales method that works for you.
DON'T: Follow a generic formula that doesn't fit your personality. Those who know the real you will view formulaic tactics as disingenuous.

Creative sales tactics lead to high-level success—and ensure long-lasting friendships.

Contributed by Mynah Lohn, a delightful woman who would never sacrifice friendship for Facebook sales.


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